Meet Brian


I have spent the last two decades in Maryland serving our Nations Veterans and Heroes and I now look to serve the people of Maryland with a Conservative platform focused on empowering all. I now look to concentrate my focus, energy and passion towards serving the people of Maryland.


I have an unshakeable faith in God, family, people, and the American dream. I am a strong advocate for cutting wasteful spending, lowering taxes for both individuals and businesses, safer communities, and cracking down on illegal immigration and sanctuary cities.


We must allow families to keep more of their hard-earned income to be used where they see fit. We must allow businesses to succeed in creating more jobs and opportunities for Marylanders. Small business owners are the heartbeat of our economy and we must create an environment for them to thrive and grow. When I ran for State Delegate in 2014, I spoke with countless business owners, families, and retirees who stated that the high taxes and fees imposed on them in Maryland were forcing them out. Governor Larry Hogan has done a masterful job over the past three years of making Maryland more business-friendly. When elected, I will work tirelessly to continue this effort with the governor. This effort must be coupled with the cutting of wasteful spending. We all live on a budget and our state government must do the same.


I will work boldly to crack down on illegal immigration, sanctuary cities, and gang-related violence including MS-13. On October 11, 2017, the Capital newspaper reported that five individuals believed to be MS-13 gang members were charged in the gang killing of an Annapolis woman who had been missing since June. As a father of a fifteen-year-old son, husband for sixteen years to my wife Kristie, and caregiver to a family member affected by Down syndrome, I believe we must protect everyone especially those most vulnerable. I am sure most of us lock our own doors at night. We do this not because we hate our neighbors but because we need to know exactly who it is looking to enter and we need to avoid any danger that may exist. It becomes extremely difficult to protect the public and our loved ones if we do not have any idea of who exactly is in our midst.


I look forward to working together with anyone willing to tackle the heroin epidemic that is now plaguing our communities. I have worked on and hosted initiatives to bring together families, law enforcement, and community leaders to diminish this pandemic sweeping through Maryland.


I look forward to a positive campaign, talking with citizens, and taking on all of these challenges.


Brian Chisholm for Maryland House of Delegates District 31B